#BeMoreInclusive Programme’s First Placement

urban and the Stephen Lawrence Charitable Trust (SLCT) are proud to announce their first successful placement of our #BeMoreInclusive programme.

Hibban Musthafa is an aspiring architect presently going through the new degree apprenticeship in architecture. Before commencing his studies, Hibban benefitted from support by the Stephen Lawrence Charitable Trust.  Having unfortunately been made redundant from his first placement in the industry, urban offered Hibban our support and were delighted to help him achieve a role at a highly respected architectural practice, Shepherd Epstein Hunter, where he will receive the guidance, support and experience to complete his studies from their talented team.

Shepheard Epstein Hunter, where Hibban has been placed, is an experienced, award-winning architecture practice who has been involved with over 60 award schemes; designing new housing, schools and universities for growing communities. Some of their projects include Enfield’s town Library, Freedom Quay Housing, Hull, and multiple buildings for both the University of Leicester and Islington.

urban provided their services to Hibban and Shepherd Epstein Hunter on a pro-bono basis, requesting only that Shepherd Epstein Hunter make a donation of £1,000 to the SLCT so other young people are supported, in turn helping architecture to #BeMore inclusive.

This Is My Story…

Hibban Musthafa
Hibban Musthafa - First #BeMoreInclusive Programme Placement

” I have been passionate about Architecture from a very young age and I travelled 2 hours a day to learn A-level Architecture in college. Upon finishing my A-levels, I wanted to continue my studies in Architecture and purse my dream of becoming an Architect. For personal reasons, I wouldn’t consider taking interest/student loan to pay the hefty fees of £9,250 a year for an Architecture Degree. 

I came across the Stephen Lawrence Charitable Trust and I was able to get a 6 week summer placement at Scott Brownrigg through the Trust. Having demonstrated my skills and abilities, I was able to progress and enrol on to the Architectural Apprenticeship Level 6 program in September 2018. For me, an apprenticeship is the best route to become an Architect as it will give you hands-on/professional experience while undertaking your studies, and also not having to worry about financial issues. 

In January 2020 I was made redundant and I was in need of a new employer to help me continue with the apprenticeship. It was extremely challenging as this is a new course/programme and only a few companies had taken apprentices. Luckily, I found urban (which is part of the STR Group), through their outstanding coordination, I was able to join Shepheard Epstein Hunter and secure my apprenticeship. I aim to continue the apprenticeship program and become an Architect. “

For more information on the #BeMoreInclusive programme or to speak to one of our consultants, please contact us today on 020 8150 8088.


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