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How we are going to BeMore green.

Our brand reflects the impact of design on the urban environment worldwide. As our business goes global, our focus is on two of the key issues facing the architectural and design sector at this time: the environment and workplace inclusivity.

The climate emergency is the biggest challenge facing our planet and the industry. We aim to make a difference by making our business as sustainable as possible through proactive, positive action, not just words. 

The climate emergency is the biggest challenge facing our planet and the industry.

Our commitment

Buildings and construction account for nearly 40% of energy related CO2 emissions globally. Here at urban, we’re passionate about the environment and above all taking positive action to make a difference. 

As part of our commitment to BeMore Green, we offset 120 tonnes of CO2 through a Verified Carbon Standard (VCS) reduction scheme by planting 120 trees. This has made urban carbon net zero for 2020. To continue achieving our goal of long-term carbon neutrality, we will offset our usage every year, while seeking additional ways to reduce our footprint. View our carbon offset certificate here.

We have already gone paperless, implemented ‘Meat Free Mondays’, removed single use plastics from our office, and enhanced the efficiency of our recycling. We’re providing additional training to our staff on how they can BeMore Green, encouraging our team to use the ‘cycle to work scheme’, adopting carshare policies, and using public transport for all client meetings.

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