Matteo Cridford

Matteo started his career in recruitment in 2013 and has been specializing in architecture and design recruitment for 8 years. After successfully working in the London market for two design specialist agencies, he has now joined urban’s New York Architecture team as a Principal Talent Specialist.

Matteo has a degree in Social Anthropology from the University of Kent and utilizes this in his day-to-day role – taking an empathetic, emotionally intelligent and human approach to recruitment. He has recruited extensively for large, international firms and smaller, boutique studios (and everything in between!) from intermediate and junior level up to Senior appointments. He understands the different challenges each role can bring.

Outside of work, Matteo is an avid Crystal Palace fan (Eaagles!) and loves to take his daughter to the beach to fly her kite and go crabbing.

If you would like expert help in finding a new role in Architecture or if you are looking to hire top talent in New York, you can call +1 646 783 3915 or email


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