Jamie Howsam

Jamie, a specialist recruiter in Architecture and Design, joined urban in April 2024, bringing over a decade of experience in the trade industry.

With a strong belief in personal growth, Jamie transitioned into recruitment to challenge themselves in a high-pressure environment, leveraging their strong people skills to excel.

Specialising in the multi-family sector within New York, Jamie’s expertise lies in connecting top-tier talent with opportunities that align with their skills and aspirations.

Outside of work, Jamie finds joy in fishing, watching football, and taking walks with their dog. They prioritise personal wellness through regular gym sessions and have a passion for music, frequently attending gigs to fuel their creative spirit.

Connect with Jamie to fulfill all your recruitment requirements in the Architecture and Design field, where talent and opportunity intersect to mold the skyline of the future.




“Jamie is an ambitious and driven member of our team, always eager to chase success. Recognizing the long-term potential, Jamie took a bold risk by moving desks to focus on the US market. Their determination and persistence are truly commendable – Jamie never backs down from a challenge and refuses to give up until the goal is achieved. With such dedication and ambition, Jamie is on track to become a future top biller. Keep an eye out for their continued success – it’s sure to be remarkable!”

Charlotte Northam



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