urban visits New York

urbanistas, Naomi and Charlotte, recently ventured across the pond to New York for a trip that was long overdue due to travel restrictions from the pandemic.

Naomi and Charlotte jumped at the first opportunity to get back out on the road, meeting existing clients, as well as conducting some new business. It was such a valuable experience as they got the chance to meet lots of clients in person, putting faces to names and also meeting candidates they had placed, which was one of the highlights of the trip. They met existing and new clients and developed relationships with both. The recent collaboration with the International Interior Design Association was a fantastic talking point to engage clients and a great initiative for them to be a part of.

Naomi and Charlotte visited New York for a week, in the Financial District – which was great. This location is well-known for its phenomenal skyscrapers as well as being the home of Wall Street. They said that seeing the constant buzz of New York was fantastic, especially the vibe during rush hour! This was also beneficial for the urbanistas as they could understand a lot more of the area and relay this when talking to their candidates, which is highly advantageous.

As New York is often referred to as the concrete jungle, naturally they did some sightseeing. Going up The Edge, the highest outdoor sky deck in the Western Hemisphere in Hudson Yards, provided a phenomenal view. Recruiting for architecture and interior design allows the team to really understand how much work goes into designing these amazing buildings and to see the finished work of our clients is incredible.

Although it was a business trip, they were able to make the most of their time in the ‘Big Apple’. Naomi and Charlotte also enjoyed taking some of urban’s clients out to lunches, dinners, and drinks. They enjoyed being able to speak with their clients on a personal level and create a relationship that wasn’t solely based on business. Naomi and Charlotte also made sure to take some well-deserved time for retail therapy and enjoy local cuisine! They can’t wait for their next adventure to Chicago next month.


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