Recruiter works pro-bono to secure role for Ukrainian architect

As the war in Ukraine rages on, we might be wondering what else we can do to help. But for Ryan Doble, Senior Recruitment Consultant at urban, it was obvious.

Watching and following the news these past few months has been very challenging, the invasion of Ukraine and the unrest we are seeing left me with a real sense of helplessness. My wife and I did as much as we could, much like the rest of the UK – we sent charity boxes of essentials and donated to organisations.

As a Recruitment Consultant at urban covering the UK and Ireland, I knew I had the platform and network to offer my help and support to architecture and interior design professionals from Ukraine that simply wanted to relocate and restart their family’s life in a safe environment.

I started speaking with Sergey after he reached out to me and learned more of his desperate situation, being based in Kyiv and his hope of moving from Ukraine and securing a new job.

When speaking with studios about Sergey, urban sought no fee for any introduction of professionals and offered our services free of charge. There are times when money simply should not matter.

After several successful interviews, Sergey secured a brilliant position with the award-winning international studio Urban Agency in Dublin, Ireland. The team also have offices across Europe in Copenhagen, Düsseldorf, and Lyon. Sergey is working remotely for the team and once safe and able to do so, he will relocate and work from the Dublin office.

Sergey commented,

Since the beginning of the war, on February 24, many things in the lives of Ukrainians have changed. This has brought many economic difficulties.

Many of my friends and colleagues have been forced to leave the country, searching for a safe and stable jobs. Some have stayed in Ukraine, but are also looking for work. In this challenging situation, I was lucky enough to meet Ryan, and he offered me his help in finding a job for me. With his help, I was lucky enough to be interviewed by Urban Agency.

I am incredibly grateful to Ryan for his support and professionalism. I believe that Ryan’s opportunities will help even more Ukrainian architects and engineers find new opportunities in Europe to support their families.

Our clients, Urban Agency (no relation!) stated,

We are very happy to have worked with urban to hire Sergey and found the process to be very smooth with an easy flow of communication throughout.  We would be happy to work with urban again and are glad that they are making an effort to help Architects in Ukraine at this time trying to find work under such difficult circumstances.

Ryan spoke to Sergey yesterday for a catch-up and was pleased to hear that he’s really enjoying his work and has settled in well. He’s looking forward to the day when he can rejoin his family and relocate to Dublin. Both Urban and urban, have pledged to provide the support he needs to make that happen.

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