Recruiter takes on her first London Marathon to raise funds for Blueprint for All

On Sunday 2 October 2022, Naomi will be running her first ever London Marathon on behalf of urban’s charity, Blueprint for All.

Naomi currently runs three times a week (a short run of 3-4 miles for speed and a minimum of 8 miles for her longer runs). She is also weight training at the gym to support her fitness and strength as well as running drills! Last week Naomi decided to challenge herself to run 15 miles from her home to work and was pleased to have completed her run in an impressive 2 hours and 32 minutes!

Blueprint For All works with young people, communities and organisations to create an inclusive society in which everyone, regardless of race, ethnicity or background is provided with tangible opportunities to thrive.

Naomi explained,

As our UK partner charity, Blueprint for All works hard to deliver equity and inclusivity, and drive positive change for young professionals from under-represented backgrounds. Their work is not only relevant and important, but fundamental in delivering this change for future generations. They work with young people and communities to create an inclusive society in which everyone, regardless of their race, ethnicity or background, can thrive.

The money that people are generously donating will be used to create essential resources, deliver workshops and engage with young adults on a one to one basis to support them through career programmes. 

I push myself to achieve extraordinary feats so that one day, my four year old son can have the confidence to think that if I, as his mother, can do hard things outside of my comfort zone, then so can he! I want him to be proud of me and show him what is possible when you put your mind to something.

Together, we can support and encourage young people from under-represented backgrounds to pursue careers in architecture and interior design and enable employers in the built environment industry to diversify their workforce and, as a result, strengthen their businesses.

For support with your candidate or job search in Architecture or Interior Design, please get in touch with our urbanistas today.


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